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This has been our first “Real Trip” since the start of the pandemic, and a well overdue getaway for Stephen and I.  We dropped Burchfield off at Puppy Camp for the week where he got extra walks, play time, treats and kongs…needless to say he was in good hands!  It was our first time visiting […]

So often I hear and read about couples questioning whether it’s “right” to have a wedding after they’re officially married. This has been happening with couples way before COVID even hit, and as I always say….You Do You!

When I first met with Allison, she told me the story about how she and Greg met by chance when she was living on the West Coast. I was just amazed by their story…

Sam & Michelle lit each other up so much and did not let it rain on their parade despite the weather on their wedding day!

Katie & Donnie are just absolutely AMAZING! Through their session they were just so kind and genuinely happy!

It was such a joy to see Kaity & Dave’s true colors and how in love they are!

After spending their wedding day with them, I have found Alicia & Steven have so many surprising sides. Not only did it show in their vows, but it poured through into the emotions throughout the day.

Not to mention how sweet Sarah & Jim were with each other! That sweetness pervaded as they both mentioned chocolate cake in their vows, and even shared a chocolate cupcake at the reception.

Meeting Jen & Mike was just absolutely incredible as they have just very recently become dog parents! When they asked if they could bring their 4-month old puppy, Artemis, along for their engagement photos, I was just floored!

When I met Mary Cate and Dan at Susquehannock State Park on the most perfect Fall Day, I couldn’t have been more excited. The sunlight and weather were just absolutely beautiful and perfect, and so were they!


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