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Julia & Zach chose to get married in the same place as Julia’s parents, and every touch felt like an outward display of their heart, which went much further than any element of decor.  Weddings are about the joining of families and friendships, and the outpouring was fluid.  Each moment was so intentional throughout the […]

When I first met with Brianna & Matthew and they brought their boys, Franklin and new baby Beau on camera in Zoom’land, they stole my heart instantly.  From the way they snuggled on their little guys and each other during their engagement session last year, it was a delight to see their love in action […]

When I first met Sami during our consultation, she shared (as most couples do) how nervous she felt to have her photos taken and to do an engagement session.  I’m so glad she trusted me after I shared with her not only how much fun it really is, but how important it is that we […]

One of the rare things that realize recently is that each couple I work with at Riverdale Manor are animal lovers.  No joke, and I don’t mean your average dog or cat lover.  Mark, a groom years past works as a zookeeper, just as a soon-to-be bride for an upcoming wedding I recently met, and […]

Kellianne and Vincent had the most perfect wedding day!  With the mild weather this year, there was an abundance of colors in the trees and seasonably warmer weather for late October. Planning & traveling from where they reside in Tennessee, they decided to return home to celebrate the sacrament of their marriage with the support […]

Sarah & Josh blew me away from the first time they reached out to me last May by writing the most thoughtful email and sharing their photos from when Josh proposed to Sarah. Having recently moved to Lancaster, it was so much fun to share in one of my favorite places to explore by capturing […]

I cannot say enough about Paige & Wes’ wedding day!  This day provided all of the forces and elements of nature bringing so many surprises with the weather.  The rain couldn’t have planned more perfect timing to enjoy time and lovely moments outside. I’ve felt so moved to meet these two loving souls who are […]

This has been our first “Real Trip” since the start of the pandemic, and a well overdue getaway for Stephen and I.  We dropped Burchfield off at Puppy Camp for the week where he got extra walks, play time, treats and kongs…needless to say he was in good hands!  It was our first time visiting […]

So often I hear and read about couples questioning whether it’s “right” to have a wedding after they’re officially married. This has been happening with couples way before COVID even hit, and as I always say….You Do You!

When I first met with Allison, she told me the story about how she and Greg met by chance when she was living on the West Coast. I was just amazed by their story…


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