Sami & Marty | Downtown Gettysburg + Gettysburg Battlefield | Gettysburg, PA

When I first met Sami during our consultation, she shared (as most couples do) how nervous she felt to have her photos taken and to do an engagement session.  I’m so glad she trusted me after I shared with her not only how much fun it really is, but how important it is that we can get to truly know each other before the big day!

I love looking through these photos and seeing the child at heart between Sami & Marty.  A fun fact about Sami is that she loves Karaoke probably as much as I do!  I felt this was so telling of her when she shared this with me.  It means she is brave enough to sing her heart out in front of a crowd, so I knew in my gut that she & Marty would completely rock their engagement session, and boy did they!  I was laughing just as much as they were (minus the snorts in between giggles and smooches).

They are very much in sync and in love with each other!  I am so excited for their wedding in Gettysburg this upcoming Fall!

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