Mary Cate & Dan | Riverdale Manor | Lancaster, PA

One of the rare things that realize recently is that each couple I work with at Riverdale Manor are animal lovers.  No joke, and I don’t mean your average dog or cat lover.  Mark, a groom years past works as a zookeeper, just as a soon-to-be bride for an upcoming wedding I recently met, and a bride Caitlin who works as a veterinarian.  Then of course Mary Cate and Dan just to happened to meet at a Zoo.  Coincidences?  I think not, but who’s to say…it somehow feels serendipitous!  I can’t recall ever meeting anyone who met their future spouse at a Zoo just by chance.  I am still in awe over their story and a bit shocked that it was at a beer fest at a Zoo when Mary Cate curtseyed while balancing beer on her head because I could picture myself in her shoes, or more like in a bath of beer.  Needless to say, it made the best first impression.

Mary Cate & Dan’s November wedding day was every bit of magic we could have hoped for!  It was long awaited to have all of their families and friends come together over Thanksgiving bringing every bit of sunshine.  There were no spills on this day, except for the waterworks of tears from the moms, Suzanne & Alison.  Mary Cate’s sisters Stephanie & Allison brought so many laughs with their toast and choreographed performances from many guests.

The love and fun was absolutely contagious and everyone present was immersed in it having the best time ever!  I’m so happy to have been along with them on this journey getting married!

Venue – Riverdale Manor

Caterer & Baker – Thyme & Seasons

Florist – Lancaster Flower Co.

Hair & Makeup – Beautifully Made Salon

Bride’s Attire – In White

Bride’s Jewelry & Accessories – Olive & Piper

Disc Jockey – Soundwaves Entertainment (Craig)

Stationary – The Knot

Photographer – Marisa Renee Photo (Your’s Truly!)

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