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Sam & Michelle lit each other up so much and did not let it rain on their parade despite the weather on their wedding day!

Katie & Donnie are just absolutely AMAZING! Through their session they were just so kind and genuinely happy!

It was such a joy to see Kaity & Dave’s true colors and how in love they are!

After spending their wedding day with them, I have found Alicia & Steven have so many surprising sides. Not only did it show in their vows, but it poured through into the emotions throughout the day.

Not to mention how sweet Sarah & Jim were with each other! That sweetness pervaded as they both mentioned chocolate cake in their vows, and even shared a chocolate cupcake at the reception.

Meeting Jen & Mike was just absolutely incredible as they have just very recently become dog parents! When they asked if they could bring their 4-month old puppy, Artemis, along for their engagement photos, I was just floored!

When I met Mary Cate and Dan at Susquehannock State Park on the most perfect Fall Day, I couldn’t have been more excited. The sunlight and weather were just absolutely beautiful and perfect, and so were they!

I think I always take refuge in the changing seasons, especially Fall.

After meeting Paige & Wes in person, I kept asking myself, “How do I get so lucky to find the most amazing couples?”

The evening was just absolutely perfect! And it was a perfect blend of their vision and capturing the right light!


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