How to Pose for your Wedding Portraits


While all of your wedding day photos are important, your couple portraits will be the most memorable and special moments of your day!  These images along with your engagement session will be your first photos as a new family and will decorate your home for decades.  

This is why the right poses along with finding the right lighting are so important for your wedding photographer to get right! Your photographer will know just how to pose you and find your best poses and how to compose each image so you will look back on your photos and remember just how you felt in those moments! 

Here are some tips for posing that will help you through your photography sessions.

  1. Stay connected
    By always touching, whether holding hands, holding onto your partner’s arms or embracing you want to stay connected in your portraits. Even a gentle touch on your partner’s cheek can transform a simple pose into an incredibly romantic photo.

  2. Look into each other’s eyes
    Not only does this help you to connect, it can even reduce nerves and stress and forget your photographer is even there.

  3. Hug your partner from behind
    Also known as “prom pose,” but there are multiple variations so it doesn’t look or feel so formal. There’s nothing quite like giving your partner a gentle squeeze and feel close!

  4. Take a stroll
    There’s nothing more natural and picturesque that walking hand-in-hand for the first time after you’ve just gotten married to soak it all in!

  5. Trust your photographer
    They will guide you into your most natural poses, give you direction on where to look, get you to laugh, and always be connected with each other!