7 things I want you to know about Wedding Photography

Once you’ve hired your photographer, there’s so much more to do than just wait for your the day to arrive and your photographer to show up and start taking pictures.  There’s a lot of information about your venue and your wedding in general that can be a huge help to your photographer in capturing the images you want. Check out these seven tips I and most wedding photographer want you to know!

Think about the moments you want captured.

This is more than googling a checklist of must have shots. In addition to figuring out what formal portraits you want talk with your fiancé about what moments are the most important to you both. Your photographer wants to capture the parts of your wedding day that matter the most to you, so give it some thought and let them know what those moments are!

You also shouldn’t try to force poses that feel unnatural to you. Think of your photographer as someone with a backstage pass to your wedding day. They’re there to observe and photograph the day as it unfolds as well as capturing some posed portraits. Let them help capture and tell your love story.

Opt for an unplugged wedding.

You hired a professional to capture the perfect moments, why not let them do just that?  Plus, having phones and cameras out can be a huge distraction for you and all of your guests. 

It’s completely acceptable to include a note in your program or on your wedding website asking your guests to silence and put away their phones. You can also post a sign or have your officiant make an announcement.  

What more would you want than to be in the moment and for your guests to participate in and witness your union?

Check your venue’s photo policies.

This is very important! Before you even book your ceremony venue, talk to them about their policies on flash photography. Some churches and houses of worship have strict no photo policies (or only allow one photographer), while others allow photos as long as no flash is used. This can be a huge challenge for your photographer, so be sure to let them know well ahead of time if that’s the case.

You should also determine if there are any parts of your venue where your photographer will be restricted to go. Try to get as much access as possible so your photographer can capture your wedding from every angle.

Your wedding day is about you.

Most weddings involve input from family or friends, especially parents, but at the end of the day, your wedding is all about you and your fiancé. Find ways to incorporate your love story into your day, whether that’s taking photos at the spot of the proposal or taking some quiet time, just the two of you, in a place that’s special to you. Weddings can certainly be overwhelming, but they don’t have to be! Remember why this day is so special and take time to really celebrate and enjoy the moment.

Be open to creative—and even unusual —ideas.

Maybe your venue isn’t as picturesque as you’d like, or there’s no gorgeous natural scenery nearby. Don’t worry—that’s why you hired a professional photographer! They’ll find ways to take beautiful photos against even the simplest backgrounds. Where you may seem a dilapidated old shed, your photographer may see a rustic backdrop or pop of color for your first photos as a married couple. Keep an open mind and trust your photographer to find the best spots for your photos!

Put some thought into your time and location.

The time of your ceremony will have a huge impact on the photos you’re able to take. A ceremony just before sunset can be gorgeous, but that means it will be dark afterwards. Also if you have a wedding in the middle of the day, the light may be too harsh causing you to squint and casting harsh shadows.

Talk with your photographer about the images you’re hoping to get and what time of day would be best. And be sure to let them know of any unique issues with your venue, like dim lighting, that can cause issues for photos.

Trust your photographer.

You hired a professional for their expertise, skill, and creativity. Let them do their job! And understand that their job involves much more than just being there for your wedding day. They’ll spend hours editing your photos to look gorgeous, so they can present you with the best possible images. Be open with your photographer and talk to them about any concerns or hopes you have for your big day. After all, they want to make sure you get the best wedding photos that will be your keepsake for years to come!

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