A winter’s stroll

After much deliberation since the events Wednesday, it’s time to get away from the news and social media for a bit to do some self care. Getting out for a beautiful day filled with sunshine was just the dose of medicine I needed.

This was our first time back at Lancaster County Park since the New Year.  We visited an old trail that wraps around the Conestoga River, which is frequented by equestrians.  This was Burch’s first encounter seeing a horse, yet alone a group of horses.  He wasn’t nearly as interested or as phased by their presence, but when other dogs came about and greeted us for our stroll, he was a little less contained and excited.  

Now it’s back to the day-to-day, getting work done and hustling through the week.  I’m excited for the New Year and what 2021 may bring us yet.  I have to say I am also filled with a little apprehension and uneasiness.  There’s so much looming in my mind, and in everyones’ minds at the moment.  I hope you’re finding some level of ease and comfort in your day-to-day and have a special place to retreat.  Please take care going into this new year.  

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