Mary Cate & Dan | Susquehannock State Park | Drumore, PA

When I first met with Mary Cate to discuss her and Dan’s wedding, she confessed that they were feeling nervous about being in front of the camera, and thought they would be awkward. I can relate 101% to THIS!!! I find that this is COMPLETELY NORMAL for just about everyone, including myself. Being behind the camera composing and helping couples pose in the best light just comes so effortlessly now, but being in front of the camera having my picture taken is a completely different experience. I feel like a deer in headlights, and often forget how to stand or pose, and for most couples like Mary Cate and Dan, it’s most likely their first time being photographed together by a professional photographer.

When I met Mary Cate and Dan at Susquehannock State Park on the most perfect Fall Day, I couldn’t have been more excited. The sunlight and weather were just absolutely beautiful and perfect, and so were they! They picked up on everything so quickly and made my job just so easy and magical. They were anything but awkward, and just so comfortable with each other by the time we ended their session. I am just so happy to have had this experience to see how amazing they are! This is the Reason it’s so important to me to have Engagement Sessions. What I often express to couples is that this is our opportunity to get to know each other. I want couples like Mary Cate and Dan to know what to expect…to feel confident and ready for the big day, instead of learning. It just makes the wedding day go so much smoother to have that confidence in me as well as in themselves!