A winter’s retreat

Life’s been so full lately between working all of the jobs (yeah I won’t count right now) while hustling this photography business that it’s time to take some time for quiet retreat.  Don’t get me wrong, I thrive when I’m in busy mode, but I often get so busy I forget to take some time for myself, which is what I aimed to do on this particular weekend.  

Waking up to veils of dense fog reminded me to do so even more as all I wanted was to get out and just take in the gorgeousness of this rich dense atmosphere.  Yet here I am, still working, reflecting and writing this for you as you’re reading and just as much for myself.  I’ve come to realize that journaling (keeping a blog) is just as important for my soul as it is to connect with you.  

I hope through these journeys and dialogues that this somehow relates.  Some say how social media how created a disconnect, but I like to think that it brings us together even more closely at levels where we can relate in a heartfelt way.  

I find it ever so comforting to come back to this retreat of quietness after a busy season, and finding these places in my day-to-day life, whether it’s in nature, my own backyard or neighborhood, is ever as essential to self care.  I hope to find more ways to retreat over the quietness of winter.  I would love to hear what is essential to you to rejuvenate your soul.  Drop me a line or a private message.

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