Kaity & David | Philadelphia Wedding Chapel | Philadelphia, PA

Kaity has always been the most caring person I have known since college.  She’s always been a fan of MRP and I’ve always had the most wonderful time capturing her friends’ weddings and seeing her as a bridesmaid.  I was so excited when she finally reached out to me to photograph her wedding!  It’s been amazing seeing her transform in so many ways, and to finally meet Dave!  He is equally as charming and together they light each other up in so many ways from being goofy, quirky, and in absolute love with each other!

When we sat down to discuss their vision for their wedding, I was so intrigued as they incorporated everything that was essentially them.  They wanted an intimate Vegas-style wedding, while having close family & friends, and found the perfect venue to accommodate this style of wedding, and to show off their flair for vintage and industrial aesthetics.

As much as I long anticipated their wedding day, I unfortunately came down with COVID the week prior, but luckily had their support and the support of my good colleague & friend to help capture their day exactly as they wanted.  I am so grateful and glad to see the happiness and joy from their day, as it was ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!  I love getting to live through the experience of the camera lens in another way to still experience their love that is so evident, and put my personal touch on their memories.

It really lifts my spirits to know Kaity personally and to get to experience this with her and Dave.  I’m so honored to share this glimpse from their story and my experience in knowing them as a couple.  I hope you enjoy it as well!

Venue: Philadelphia Wedding Chapel

  1. Donna Sweigert says:

    You two just make me smile for many different reasons .
    I’ve loved watching your journey together
    As you grow into one ❤️
    You both look amazing on your wedding day
    We love ♥️❤️You both

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