Allison & Greg | River House at Odette’s | New Hope, PA

From the first time I met Allison & Greg, I noticed how truly genuine they are as a couple! Their love of stories was so evident in every part of their wedding day, as their officiant and Greg’s close friend told a very detailed story from how they came to meet in California when Greg lived on the East Coast to Greg’s persistence in following his heart after the coincidental meeting.  His perseverance and appreciation of how wonderful of a person Allison is has been so evident through every part of getting to know them.  Allison’s appreciation for Greg’s calming disposition is what I find so charming as she radiates with so much energy.  They are the kindest and one of the most caring couples I have met, and their attention to details in everything, including “choosing” the right partner is just absolutely beautiful!  I am beyond grateful to have shared in the joy of this time and to get to know them.

  1. John Laun says:

    What a fantastic photographic record of a wonderful event for a great couple who “chose well”.

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