Paige & Wes | Lock 12 & Pinnacle Overlook | Holtwood, PA -

Paige & Wes | Lock 12 & Pinnacle Overlook | Holtwood, PA

After meeting Paige & Wes in person, I kept asking myself, “How do I get so lucky to find the most amazing couples?” Or rather, “How do they find me?” The way these two love on each other is just beyond sweet! It was evident when Wes carried and cleaned the mud off of Paige’s shoes from trekking through the woods. At that moment I said, “That shows character!” They are also up for adventures which I love as well! When there was a chance of rain in the forecast I thought we may have to reschedule. They were so excited to have overcast moody weather as they wanted drama! I’m a sucker for overcast days as they’re absolutely perfect for lighting, which allows me take photos just about anywhere! I had such an amazing time capturing their love and the drama from the weather. I can’t wait to be with Paige & Wes for their big day next year!


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