Ibis & Antonio | Stroudsmoor Country Inn | Stroudsburg, PA - marisareneephoto.com

Ibis & Antonio | Stroudsmoor Country Inn | Stroudsburg, PA

After months of planning, Antonio’s vision for his and Ibis’ intimate vow renewal came to fruition! This came as a surprise to both his wife, Ibis, and daughter, Gracie. What came together was a well planned and personal ceremony to renew their vows, which were shared between the couple and their daughter, a unity candle which was lit by this family of three, and ended in a hand washing signifying “putting the past behind.” Everything from the orchestrated music, and elements of lighting reinforced the emotions that were evident between them. My favorite part of every ceremony are the vows and words that couples’ share to reflect on their relationships…where they’ve been, where they are in the present, and where they’re going as a couple (the past, present, and future). It pulls at my heart strings every time! It was such an honor to capture this moment for them!


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